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About P-Light

P-Light application

Potential uses are boundless: Use to light up the floor, wall & ceiling.

  • Light source for the signs
  • flat surface light source for outdoor and stand signs
  • Interior lighting for the archtecture
  • flat surface light source for floor, wall and ceiling
  • Light source for a light fixture
  • for new and innovative flat surface design ideas

P-Light 7 main features

One way to invest in helping to reduce environmental & CO2 problems

  • High energy-saving effect
  • To reduce the energy consumption by 60% (vs comparison by ours)

  • Maintenance-free for 3 to 5 years
  • Lasts about 5 times longer than fluorescent light

  • Environmentally friendly without harmful materials contain
  • Unlike a florescent light, no glass scattering and mercury problems

  • Thin and light-weight
  • easy to transport and work with

  • Able to bend and cut
  • Allows to form new and innovative designs

  • illuminates evenly
  • new light source for stable brightness

  • Water and dust-proof design
  • IP-58 acquired; no need to worry about environmental degrading

P-Light characteristics

  • + can fabricate 50mm thickness illuminated signs
  • + possible contact construction on external corner, internal corner and round surface at the walls and so on.
  • + LED pitch are uniformed(stable illuminance) and easy work when it requires several pcs of P-lgiht
  • + Thanks to DC48V spec., wiring extension from power supply to end of "P-light" can be acceptable by 20m max.


LED Chip made in Japan
LED Chip viiew angle 110°
LED number 144pcs (standard size by 12 lines)
LED color Cool white / Warm white
Size(W×L×thickness) 450mm×450mm×approx. 4mm(*)
Weight approx. 280g
Input power supply DC48V 0.24A
Power consumption approx. 12W
Waterproof performance IP-58 applied
  • (*)Above is for 450 size type, and 300 size type is 300mm×300mm×approx.4mm.
  • + Base material is PET film
  • + Its surface is covered by cover-film and improve waterproof property.
  • + Thanks to fixing aluminum board on its back, it realizes its stability of sheet and easy construction.,

Distance by indicated sign face

Considering LED-chip view angle, it can be scattered light on sign face(milky-white acrylicl resin board) uniformly with 50mm distance.

*Note: it depends on materials of sign face and its manufacturers.

Image at round surface, external and internal corner.
Possible contact construction on external corner, internal corner and round surface at the walls etc.

Comparison its thickness with FL and P-Light at Outdoor sign.

How to wiring & wire fixing etc. for P-Light - for reference


1)To use banding band and its base(see below picture).
2)Wiring and fixing at the centr of each LED's pitch(see below picture (1)(2))
3)In the case that there are available free space in the back side of P-Light fixing,make a hole at the center area of each LED's pitch, and wire at its back side.

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